JNV Produce

Environmental mission statement JNV

JNV strives to attain the ideal balance between sustainability and economic growth while continuing to guarantee the utmost quality of your products.

We attain this goal by:

  • acknowledging that striving for sustainability is essential for the future of our environment;
  • striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products;
  • using organic products where possible;
  • gaining insight into the environmental problems in the production chain;
  • developing flexible, attainable and novel solutions in order to accomplish a positive change;
  • controlling our finances balanced between profit and sustainability;
  • sharing information about attaining environmental goals with our partners;
  • stimulating all partners to share our mission;
  • measuring and monitoring our progress with every project.
  • Radijs
  • Groene paprika
  • Gele paprika
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